Publications Router

This integration is available through the hres_repo_jisc_pub_router plugin.

Haplo repository supports integration with Publication Router, there’s a minimal amount of set up and once the repository is configured to received notifications all claiming runs through the Harvest claim framework.


The Haplo integration with Publications Router is designed to be as simple as possible, setup takes 3 steps.

1. Register for Publications Router

In order to use the integration you will need an institution account with Publications Router. Once the account is created you should set the types of notifications you want to receive to your repository from different sources, this can be done from your Publications Router account.

2. Configure the repository

Navigate to the configuration data in system management as shown below:

Your Name » System management » Configuration » Configuration data

To the configuration data add:

"hres_repo_jisc_pub_router:end_point": "<client_account_id>"

Where <client_account_id> is substituted for the client account id as shown in your Publications Router account.

3. Run an initial import

In order to know to start collecting notifications the integration requires an initial import. This will import outputs already in your Publications Router account, and set up the link from Haplo for ongoing harvesting.

This is done by navigating to the following link "/do/hres-repo-jisc-pub-router/import?since=YYYY-MM-DD" (where YYYY-MM-DD is the date from which you want the initial import to start) and selecting import.

This will import all outputs forwarded to your Publications Router account from the provided date up to now. Once the initial import has been run the system will automatically collect notifications daily, depositing all items into the Harvest claim framework, where they will be matched to existing repository records and can be claimed/disclaimed by the authors.