Data Import

Haplo provides a data import framework which uses a common description of data mapping and transformation to

Responsibility is split between application developers who define a data Model, and data engineers who create Control Files which describe how to read the input files, transform data, and map input to the data Model.

Using this documentation

This documentation describes the generic mechanisms for importing data into Haplo applications. You should refer to additional documentation provided by the developers of your application which describes the specific data model and approach for importing data.

When you have a test environment available, links to documentation for specific functionality installed in your application are available within the administrative UI.

Your Name » Data Import » Documentation

It’s recommended you start by reading the core concepts, then about the model and how control files are written.

Required plugins

To import data, you will need to ensure that the correct plugins are installed.

The haplo_data_import_framework plugin provides the core framework, and additional plugins provide features and describe the data model. For example, haplo_user_sync_generic uses the framework to implement user synchronisation.

Your application developers or support contact will be able to install and configure the required plugins.

Table of contents

Batch import
Standard batch import
User sync
How do I …?