Batch import

Batch import provides an API and a user interface for performing one-off imports of data into a Haplo application, along with a user interface for reviewing the data and logs of previous batch import jobs.

For both methods, you need a control file and one or more data files to import.

API import

Using the API for import allows it to be scripted. This may be the most convenient method when you are preparing a data import using a test application, as your data preparation scripts can automatically upload and test the import each time you make a change.

Manual import

When your data import is finalised, you can use the import user interface for the final import into your production application.

Administrative user interface

All the batch import jobs are listed in the administrative user interface.

Your Name » Data import » Batch import » Batch import jobs

For each job, the

  • Control file
  • Data files
  • Import log

are available for download.

Where a job was run as a dry run for testing before a real import, you can copy the job and re-run it as a import.