Batch import user interface

Running a batch import with the user interface requests a few steps.

1) Upload the control file

Prepare the control file, then upload it:

Your Name » Data import » Batch import » Control files » Upload new control file…

The comment is a short name for the control file, which should describe the purpose.

2) Upload data files

After uploading the control file, you’ll see the page for your new control file.

Click New batch…

Enter a comment to describe the data import, then upload one or more files.

Each file has a name associated with it, which should match the names expected by your control file.

Click the New batch button at the bottom of the form to create the batch. This won’t run it yet.

3) Perform a dry run

Before importing the batch, it’s a good idea to try a dry run first to see what errors might occur.

When viewing the page for your new batch, click the Dry run… button, and confirm.

The batch will then have a running status, showing the import job is completing in the background. Refresh the page to check to see if it’s finished.

When the job completes, review the log and correct any errors by uploading new control or data files.

4) Import the data

When you are happy a dry run shows your import will work without errors, click the Copy as new batch… button, and confirm.

This will create a new batch, and this time, click the Import data… button.

Just as with the dry run, the import will happen in the background, and the batch page will show the log when it completes.