Control file

After reviewing the application’s Model and the structure of the data to import, you need to write a control file.

The root properties are:

"dataImportControlFileVersion" The version of the control file, which must be 0.
"model" The name of the Model to import the data into.
"files" Describes how to interpret input files.
"recordProcessor" Optional name of a custom process to adjust the input data after it has been read, but before the Instructions are executed, provided by a plugin.
"instructions" How to interpret the Records in the input files.
"mapping" Describes how to map input values.

Control file generator

There is a control file generator utility in the admin UI.

Your Name » Data import » Models » (model name) » Generate control file…

Select the Names you want to include in the control file, and click Generate control file at the bottom of the page. By default, single values are set, but select multivalue next to a Name to generate the appropriate Instructions for multiple values.

This control file is unlikely to be able to be used without changes. Change all the placeholders, marked with TODO, and ensure the new or load Instructions set up the right data for import.

Control file contents

Value conversions