The files property specifies how the files are to be interpreted, mapping from file names to file properties.

Files in a Batch are named, so that different files can be read in different ways. The "DEFAULT" name is used if a file name is not individually specified.

JSON is the preferred format for input files.

File properties

File properties always use the "read" property to specify the format of the file. Built in formats are listed below, and plugins can extend the framework with additional formats.


"files": {
    "DEFAULT": {
        "read": "json"
    "table" {
        "read": "tsv-with-name-row",
        "charset": "windows-1252"

In this example, the table file is read as a TSV file in the Windows-1252 charset, and any other file will be read as JSON.

Extra processing

If your files need extra transformation, a plugin developer could implement a record processor service.

This requires that a server-side plugin is written to implement this transformation, so it is preferred that any processing takes place before file import.

Contact your application developers if you need to use this feature.

File formats