Public interface

Haplo standard publication

The Haplo standard publication provides an attractive public interface to the Haplo Repository, with configuration options to allow customisation of the text displayed, images, and common options for the behaviour of the site.

These configuration options are broken down into:

This should provide the vast majority of the configuration that an institution requires to set up the public interface to the repository, and all configuration options can be amended during the operation of the application, using the admin interface:

Your Name » System management » Configuration » Configuration data

A custom public interface

If you have developed a custom public interface, then the Haplo toolkit enables every aspect of the public portal to be customisable, from which information it displays to the way that information is structured and presented.

Using open tools, Haplo’s flexible toolkit allows institution web teams to have full control over all HTML generated, and can modify the HTML, CSS and templates of the public portal to match the look and layout of the institution’s visual identity.

In this case your administration and configuration options will be different to those of the Haplo standard publication. You’ll need to contact your system administrator or developer for the configuration options available in your application.