Recommended configuration data for Publication


Expected type: String – Usual Form “/~/a.jpg”

The source for the image to be used as the logo for the public site. To get this value the logo will need to be uploaded to the site as a static file here:

Your Name » System management » Configuration » Static files

After the logo is uploaded use the value from the “Pathname” column as the source for this key in the configuration data.


Expected type: String

The width for the institution logo on the left of the navigation bar


Expected type: String

The height for the institution logo on the left of the navigation bar


Expected type: Boolean

Whether or not to show the institution name next to the logo in the navigation bar


Expected type: JSON object

An object detailing the text on a publication to be changed, there are various keys that can be set. The keys and their default values are listed below:

description: "",
homeMainSearchPlaceholder: “Find researchers and their research…”,
homeBrowseByResearcher: “Browse by Researcher”,
homeBrowseByResearcherText: “Browse the list of Researchers with outputs in ApplicationName.”,
homeSearchTheRepository: “Search the repository”,
homeSearchTheRepositoryText: “Search the repository for outputs and researchers.”,
homeBrowseBySubject: “Browse by Subject”,
homeBrowseBySubjectText: “View outputs filtered by Faculty and Department.”,
homeBrowseByYear: “Browse by year”,
homeBrowseByYearText: “View outputs by year of publication.”,
peopleDirectoryTitle: “People”,
peopleDirectorySubtitle: “Browse our directory to find staff profiles containing contact information,
biography and lists of publications.”,
researchInstituteBrowseTitle: “Departments and research groups”
researchInstituteBrowseSubtitle: ""

Changing these in the configuration data and looking for changes is likely the best way to see what exactly they represent.


Expected type: Array of JSON objects

An array of objects to use as links in the footer of the publication.
To add a link to the university of example homepage to the footer for example:

“text”: “University of Example”,
“href”: “”