Recommended configuration data for the public interface

NOTE: This configuration data is only for applications using the standard public interface. If you have written your own publication plugin the configuration is probably managed in code, and you should contact your developer for changes.


Expected type: String – Usual Form “/~/a.jpg”

The source for the image to be used as the logo for the public site. To get this value the logo will need to be uploaded to the site as a static file here:

Your Name » System management » Configuration » Static files

After the logo is uploaded use the value from the “Pathname” column as the source for this key in the configuration data.


Expected type: String

The width for the institution logo on the left of the navigation bar.


Expected type: String

The height for the institution logo on the left of the navigation bar.


Expected type: Boolean

Whether or not to show the institution name next to the logo in the navigation bar.


Expected type: JSON object

An object detailing the text on a publication to be changed, there are various keys that can be set. The keys and their default values are listed below:

    description: "",
    homeMainSearchPlaceholder: "Find researchers and their research...",
    homeBrowseByResearcher: "Browse by Researcher",
    homeBrowseByResearcherText: "Browse the list of Researchers with outputs in **ApplicationName**.",
    homeSearchTheRepository: "Search the repository",
    homeSearchTheRepositoryText: "Search the repository for outputs and researchers.",
    homeBrowseBySubject: "Browse by Subject",
    homeBrowseBySubjectText: "View outputs filtered by Faculty and Department.",
    homeBrowseByYear: "Browse by year",
    homeBrowseByYearText: "View outputs by year of publication.",
    peopleDirectoryTitle: "People",
    peopleDirectorySubtitle: "Browse our directory to find staff profiles containing contact information, 
                              biography and lists of publications.",
    researchInstituteBrowseTitle: "Departments and research groups"
    researchInstituteBrowseSubtitle: ""

Changing these in the configuration data and looking for the associated changes in the user interface is likely the best way to see what exactly they represent if it’s unclear.


Expected type: Array of JSON objects

An array of objects to use as links in the footer of the publication.
To add a link to the university of example homepage to the footer for example:

    "text": "University of Example",
    "href": ""