Generic Information Management Systems

The underlying Haplo Platform is an information management system which can be customised to accurately reflect the information within an organisation.

Out-of-the-box, without any plugins, you can configure it using the System management user interface to build a comprehensive information management system. Later you might add plugins to extend the functionality.

The application is customised using:

  • Types and subtypes of information
  • Attributes to describe each type of information
  • Qualifiers making attributes more specific
  • Labels for expressing permissions
  • Taxonomies hierarchical subject indexes to describe information
  • Groups of users
  • Permissions assigned to groups and sections


Every organisation changes over time, and the information they need to store and use changes. Haplo has been designed to support the evolving needs of an organisation.

You can change your mind about any customisation decision you make. Old information will still work, with nothing lost, and new information will use your new choices.

This allows you to work in small incremental steps, without worrying that you’re making a decision you can’t undo later.

We recommend you start by customising and using Haplo for one area of your work, then gradually use more of the functionality as you learn more about your requirements and what Haplo can do for you.

Custom functionality

You can extend Haplo’s functionality with custom plugins. We recommend you start by configuring and using a basic system. You can develop and add additional plugins later once you’re clear about your organisation’s requirements.


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