Use Lists to offer drop down menus of choices in the editor. These should be lists of options like yes/no blue/orange/red, rather than actual things or concepts. (Things and concepts are better represented using the data type: Link to other object (see Attributes))

Your Name » System management » Lists

Lists are made up of three parts:

  • Type: a classification type for the ‘choice objects’.
  • Entries: list entries are objects of this type, which are usually created in the special classification section. Apart from this, the choice objects are completely normal objects in the system.
  • Attribute: an attribute which is displayed on the relevant Types for this list. The Attribute has a data type of “link to object”, and is set to link to objects of the classification type.

The List editor is a convenient way of setting up all three parts of a List: the Type, Attribute, and then creating the list entries.

At the bottom of the list of lists, choose the option for New list.

Enter the name of the list and click Create new List. The name of the list will become the name of the Attribute used on relevant Types.

A classification Type and a matching Attribute will automatically have been created.

Add new list entries, by entering their Title, and alternative title if relevant, under the section of the form for “Add new classification object.”

After creating the List and adding some choices, add the Attribute to the relevant Types. Find and edit the relevant Type, tick to add the newly created Attribute for the relevant List.

User interface options

By default, the Attribute will use a drop down list. If your list of choices is small, you might like to consider using radio buttons or checkboxes instead. If so, edit the Attribute:

Your Name » System management » Attributes » List name

Select the Attribute with the same name as your list, click Edit, and choose another option in the Data type section.