Users are added individually.

Your Name » System management » Users

Create new users by clicking ‘New user’, then entering:

  • First name: enter the first name of the user (compulsory)
  • Last name: enter the last name of the user (compulsory)
  • Email address: enter the email address of the user (compulsory)
  • Template for welcome email: choose to automatically send a welcome email to the new user with a link for them to create their own password. If you choose to not send a welcome email, a link will be displayed for you to send to the new user once you click on Create new user.
  • Group membership: tick all groups to which the user is to belong

Person records, as displayed in the contacts directory, are not created automatically when creating a new user via System Management. Create these manually if required.

Consider whether you need to use authentication tokens for security.