Haplo Research Manager

Haplo Research Manager provides an open source core to manage research in academic institutions. This core supports open source applications such as Haplo Repository, and commercial products such as Graduate Education Manager and Ethics Monitor.

It provides:

  • Core schema for representing an organisation which performs research, such as a University, Research Institute, or R&D department in a company.
  • Building blocks for Research applications, such as data types, integrations with external systems, researcher profiles, and workflow elements such as committee scheduling and online decisions.

The code is available through the haplo-research-manager source code repository, under the MPLv2 license.

Administrator’s manual

This manual supports IT professionals who are working with Haplo applications. It is split into two main sections:

1. Setting up and configuring a Haplo Research Manager application

2. Supporting and managing a Haplo Research Manager application, including updating data as the institution changes, and supporting user’s day to day work.