Haplo Repository user sync setup

The user sync keeps the Haplo user database and user profile objects synchronised with an external system, such as an institution’s HR system.

As Haplo Repository is built on top of Haplo Research Manager, the instructions for setting up user sync data are held there.

Adding REF Unit of Assessment

If your institution is a UK University, and you wish to use the Haplo Repository REF process, you will need to assign each user to a REF Unit of Assessment.

If this information is available in another system, or it can be determined from information in another system, it would be convenient to use the user sync to apply this to users.

Map the information in the user feed to the hres:attribute:ref-unit-of-assessment Name of the profile Destination.

To generate the instruction and mapping to the institutional structure, view the Model in the admin UI, then click ‘Map’ next to the Name. Fill in the values in the mapping when copying to your control file.