Research Manager user sync setup

Before setting up the user sync:

You need to install the hres_user_sync_generic plugin to use the user sync with Haplo Research Manager applications.

Additional user sync information

Some extra information needs to be provided about each user, ideally by including this information in the user feed.

Managed groups

Users in the user feed should be in exactly one of the following managed groups, set by adding the value to the groups Name in the user Destination.

  • hres:group:researchers if the user is a researcher.
  • hres:group:external-researchers is the user is an external researcher, that is, not a member of the institution but needs to participate in the research and processes.
  • hres:group:admin-staff if the user is a member of the supporting administrative staff.

Applications built on top of Haplo Researcher Manager may add additional managed groups, and if so, those groups may be used instead of one of the core managed groups above.

Organisational structure

Each user should be a member of one of the organisational units making up the institutional structure.

Include this information in the user feed, and map it to the hres:attribute:research-institute Name of the profile Destination.

To generate the instruction and mapping to the institutional structure, view the Model in the admin UI, then click ‘Map’ next to the Name. Fill in the values in the mapping when copying to your control file.