Configuration data for public interface

NOTE: This configuration data is only for applications using the standard public interface. If you have written your own publication plugin the configuration is probably managed in code, and you should contact your developer for changes.


Expected type: String

The hostname of the publication, used if an institution intends to host their public interface on a different host to their internal system. If this isn’t set, the default option is to use: “application_host_name/repository”.


Expected type: String

The hostname of the internal view of the application, if not using the default value for repo_standard_publication:hostname. This value must be set if not using that default (which will usually be the case).


Expected type: String

The repository name to be displayed in the public interface. By default it is set to the application name.


Expected type: String

The admin email address for the repository, which will be used for general enquiries about items in the system.