DataCite DOI Minting

Haplo supports plug-ins to generate and assign DOIs, using DataCite, with institution-specific prefixes for these DOIs. Where a DOI is minted for the item, the DOI is automatically added to the metadata record and displayed publicly.

DOIs can be created for one collection of content only and not for others, or created following any other rule as described by the institution. DOIs may be assigned automatically at a specified point in the ingest process, for example after approval of a record for deposit, or requested manually by repository managers.

Metadata and the link to a public landing page is stored in DataCite, and is updated when the item is revised. Institution specific policy controls which items and what metadata is stored, and how versions of items are managed.


Configuring a system to allow minting of DOIs is straightforward and involves adding two sets of credentials: authentication and registration. The authentication credentials are the same as those that you’d use to log into Fabrica and the registration tells the system which DOI prefix and API to use.


The authentication credentials are added into the keychain as a HTTP / Basic credential

Your Name » System management » Keychain » Add new credential

This credential should have the Name of “DOI Minting” and then the Username and Password should be the same as would be used to log into Fabrica.


The registration credentials are added into the applications configuration data

Your Name » System management » Configurationm » Configuration data

You should see the following properties with placeholder values:

  • hres:doi:minting:safety-application-hostname
  • hres:doi:minting:doi-prefix
  • hres:doi:minting:doi-prefix-for-update
  • hres:doi:minting:service-url


This should be set to the hostname of the production system and is used to prevent development or testing applications from registering DOIs using the production credentials.

Example Value



This should be set to the prefix that all DOIs registered from this system should use, this doesn’t necessarily need to be the same prefix as a previous repository.

Example Value



This should store a list of all DOI prefixes for which this system should send updates to DataCite regarding metadata changes. Typically this should contain the DOI Prefix (above) alongside any prefixes used to register DOIs for the institution in the past.

Example Value

["10.1000/example.", "10.1001/historic."]


This is set by default to the test endpoint for the MDS API and should only ever be changed from that on the production system to the production MDS endpoint.

Example Value

At the time of writing the production value is: