The haplo:username-to-ref value filter converts a username of a user managed by the User sync to a Ref value which can be used to load profile objects, and add references to that person to other objects.

This value filter is provided by the haplo_user_sync plugin, so it can be used in applications which use a user sync, but don’t necessarily use the data import framework through the haplo_user_sync_generic plugin.

If user sync isn’t used in your application, this value filter won’t be available.


Your input data might include the username of people. To convert it into a Ref which can then be used by a load Instruction, use:

    "source": "USERNAME",
    "destination": "load:by-ref",
    "name": "ref",
    "filters": ["haplo:username-to-ref"]
    "action": "load",
    "destination": "profile",
    "using": "load:by-ref"