Telephone number data type

The telephone-number data type represents telephone numbers.

It accepts any reasonably formatted string as input, and will reformat it into fully a valid phone number, removing ‘optional’ digits such as redundant trunk codes and ensuring it has a valid country code.

If an international dialing code is not included in the number, it will make a reasonable ‘guess’ based on the format of the number, and the country property in the Instruction.

country (optional) The ISO two digit code of the country to assume numbers are from if unclear in the given input string. Defaults to GB.

For best results, format the input numbers with the full international dialling code.


To import phone number from a dataset which contains mostly North American phone numbers, use:

    "source": "TELEPHONE",
    "destination": "profile",
    "name": "std:attribute:telephone",
    "country": "US"