The link data type represents a link to another object. This is the primary data type for Haplo objects, as every thing and concept is represented as an object.

Common properties

All values will have these properties.

property type


property ref

The string representation of the Ref of the linked object.

property title

The human readable title of the linked object. This is a string which is suitable for presenting to users as the ‘name’ of this object.

Optional properties

The inclusion of other properties depends on the linked object.

property behaviour

The Behaviour of the linked object, if it has one.

Where the object represents a concept or a structural element, such as project types or organisational units, the behaviour is easier to use to identify the object than the ref.

property code

If the linked object is in the dc:attribute:type attribute and is a schema object representing the object’s type, this property contains the API code of the type.

This may be more conveniently available in the type top level property.


Sources may provide additional properties if included. This section lists commonly used sources, but is not an exhaustive list. Refer to the sources documentation for the full list.

property username

If the std:username source is included, and a user is represented by the linked object, the username property will contain the username of the user, obtained from the user’s username tag.