Global observation

The Global Observer is an integration method that allows an external system to be sent all the data in the Haplo application as a series of messages as data changes, using a generic integration message queue.

To use the global observer, install the haplo_integration_global_observation plugin.

Message queue

Messages are sent in the global queue. To find the queue API URLs and create an API key, use the administration interface:

Your Name » Integrations » Integration message queues » Global observation

If any errors are encountered, these can be viewed in the generic integrations error list:

Your Name » Integrations » Errors from integrations


There are various messages that are sent by the observer. Other plugins may add additional messages to the queue, so a message queue consumer must filter out any types of messages that it does not understand.

The majority of messages will include an Haplo object in the standard JSON serialisation format, and include all message sources available to the application. This will include information on workflows and forms.