A file identifier which refers to a file.

Note that the properties in the identifier may differ from the properties of the file it refers to, except for the digest and fileSize.

property type


property digest

The digest of the file, as a hex encoded String.

property fileSize

The size of the file, in bytes, as a number.

property mimeType

The MIME type of the file.

property filename

The filename of the file, as presented to the user in the user interface.

property trackingId

A randomly generated String for tracking versions within a ‘file version track’. Used for generating the version listings in the web user interface.

property version

The version of this version within a ‘file version track’, as a String.

property logMessage

A String containing the user’s description of the changes made in this version within a ‘file version track’.

property url

A URL which can be used to fetch the file, if the requesting user has permission.