Serialised attributes

The attributes of the object are the information which the user manages with the application.

property type

The type property summarises the type of the object. While the dc:attribute:type attribute provides access to the same information, this summary is more convenient.

It contains sub-properties:

  • the rootCode of the type as an API code, which should be used to determine the overall type of the object.
  • the API code of the specific sub-type.
  • the name of the sub-type, suitable for presenting to the user.
  • an array of annotations applied to this type.

property title

The human readable title of this object. This is a string which is suitable for presenting to users as the ‘name’ of this object.

This generally duplicates the first dc:attribute:title attribute, and is provided for convenience.

property attributes

The attributes lists all the attributes applied to the object as a dictionary of attribute API code to an array of attribute values.

All attributes are multi-value, and may contain more than one value in the array. The array of values are ordered lists, but the attributes dictionary is not in any specific order.

The properties in each value depend on the data type, and are documented individually.

See the example of a simple object serialisation.