Serialised object metadata

Object metadata is used by the object store to manage the objects. This metadata is not part of the information the user is managing within the application.

All dates are in ISO8601 format.

property ref

The object’s Ref, as a string.

property url

The URL of the object, in the application’s internal interface.

If used, the Web Publisher may make the object available publicly on a different URL.

property behaviour

The Behaviour of this object, if it has one.

property recordVersion

The version of this object. 1 is the first version, and it is incremented every time the object is updated in the store.

The attributes of the object will not change without changing the recordVersion, but information from other sources will have their own independent versioning.

property labels

The labels applied to this object, as an array of JSON objects with sub-properties describing the label.

Labels are often special Label objects defined in the schema, but can be any object in the application.

property deleted

A boolean value specifying whether this object is deleted.

property creationDate

The date and time this object was created in the object store.

property lastModificationDate

The date and time this object was last updated in the object store.