User Interface

Displayable name of the workflow process

  • workflow-process-name:STATE
  • workflow-process-name

“Currently with” caption in action panel

  • status-ui-currently-with:STATE
  • status-ui-currently-with

Annotations to “Currently with”

As the “Currently with” often shows the name of a specific person, you can add an annotation to display their role.

  • status-ui-currently-with-annotation:ACTIONABLE-BY:STATE
  • status-ui-currently-with-annotation:ACTIONABLE-BY
  • status-ui-currently-with-annotation

Actionable by display name

Use the following to replace the actionable by display name under the “Currently with” header.

  • status-ui-actionable-by:ACTIONABLE-BY:STATE
  • status-ui-actionable-by:ACTIONABLE-BY
  • status-ui-actionable-by