Plugin name: std_workflow

The standard Workflow plugin implements a comprehensive workflow system based on Finite state machines.

While the theory may sound a little complex, it’s actually really simple, and is just a way of turning a flowchart into code. A workflow process can be in one of several defined states, and can transition to a defined set of other states from each of those states.

Read the overview and concepts to get started.


  • Complete UI for workflow, including passing tasks to different people with email notifications
  • Timeline/audit trail of all actions in a workflow
  • Simple note taking for communication between workflow participants
  • Expressive yet concise representation of user interface
  • API designed for composition of workflow behaviours, so common functionality can be layered without clashing
  • Sensible defaults which are easy to override
  • Metadata based entities system to route tasks to the right people
  • Replacements system and UI, allowing users to be replaced on an ad-hoc basis
  • Configurable dashboard showing states of tasks
  • Behind-the-scenes admin UI for support and development