Document store

Plugin name: document_store

The standard Document store plugin provides the ability to define multi-page versioned documents that can be created, edited and presented to/by users.


  • Document: A collection of forms representing a document.
  • DocumentInstance: A JavaScript object representing the store
  • Key item: A JavaSciprt object used as a key for this document
  • Key ID: A value derived from the key item to use as the key in the database (which by default is just the key)
  • Current document: A “work in progress” document that hasn’t yet been committed as a new version of the document.
  • Committed versions: Upon committing a current document, a new version is added/saved. The history of the Document is available via versions.

Using the Document store plugin

The Document store plugin provides a std:document_store feature which your plugin must use in your plugin.json file.

  "pluginName": "example_workflow",
  // ... rest of plugin.json
  "use": ["std:document_store"]