Plugin name: std_reporting

The standard Reporting plugin provides the ability to generate reports based on historical data from many different sources, and a REST API for access by external systems.


  • Facts: a set of facts & figures about a StoreObject, implemented as fields in a Database table
  • Collection: a collection of facts about an object
  • Collection category: a collection is in one or more categories, which allows setup of common functionality
  • Statistic: a single value derived from a subset of rows in the collection, optionally grouped by other facts
  • Dashboard: a subset of facts from a collection displayed on a web page, with a potentially different set of facts generated for a spreadsheet export

Using the Reporting plugin

The Reporting plugin provides a std:reporting feature which your plugin must use in your plugin.json file.

  "pluginName": "example_workflow",
  // ... rest of plugin.json
  "use": ["std:reporting"]