NAME() based customisation

The NAME() system can be used to globally customise test within the workflow system.

Private notes

‘Private’ may not be the right word for your application, or you might want to customise the wording of the explanation without including it in every workflow.

Use the std:NAME service to translate these codes:

  • std:workflow:notes-private-label – the label for private notes
  • std:workflow:notes-private-label-plural – the label for private notes (plural)
  • std:workflow:notes-private-adjective – the adjective for the notes
  • std:workflow:notes-private-email-marker – the marker to identify private notes in email notifications
  • std:workflow:notes-explanation-private – the explanation of what a private note is
  • std:workflow:notes-explanation-everyone – the corresponding explanation for normal notes

For example, to rename ‘private notes’ to ‘administrative notes’, use code like:

    "std:workflow:notes-private-label": "Administrative note",
    "std:workflow:notes-private-label-plural": "Administrative notes",
    "std:workflow:notes-private-adjective": "administrative",
    "std:workflow:notes-private-email-marker": "ADMIN",
    "std:workflow:notes-explanation-private": "Seen only by administrative staff reviewing this application, not seen by the applicant unless specifically requested."
P.implementService("std:NAME", function(name) {
    var text = PRIVATE_NOTES_TEXT[name];
    if(text) { return text; }