There are various methods available to a publication for altering the display of files and the permissions for downloading them.

Note: File downloads are not permitted for the service user by default.

function setFileThumbnailSize(size)

Sets the size of thumbnails to display in the publication.


size An integer representing the pixel dimension to be squared, e.g. 64

function addFileDownloadPermissionHandler(fn)

Register a function which will be called with a File or FileIdentifier, and a result object with property allow which will allow the download if set to true.

Example Usage:

publication.addFileDownloadPermissionHandler(function(fileOrIdentifier, result) {
    if("digest","=",fileOrIdentifier.digest).count() > 0) {
        result.allow = true;

function permitFileDownloadsForServiceUser()

This is a standard implementation which permits the download of any file that is a value in an attribute or attribute group visible by the service user on an object.

function isFileDownloadPermitted(fileOrIdentifier)

Returns a boolean to indicate whether the service user is permitted to download the given fileOrIdentifier.

function deferredRenderImageFileTag(fileOrIdentifier, spec)

Returns the deferredRender for the given image file or undefined if the provided fileOrIdentifier is not an image.
The spec object is used to alter the image tag that is returned and can have properties:

maxWidth The maximum width of the object (after any HiDPI scaling), sets the width property in the returned <img> tag
maxHeight The maximum height of the image (after any HiDPI scaling), sets the height property in the returned <img> tag
hiDPI Boolean to set whether the image is to be scaled for HiDPI screens
title The text to be set as the title attribute in the returned <img> tag
alt The text to be included in the alt attribute in the returned <img> tag