FileIdentifier interface

A JavaScript object implementing the FileIdentifier interface is a reference to a File used as a value within a StoreObject. It includes extra information to implement the user interface for ‘file version tracks’ provided by the Platform.

The digest and fileSize are used to unambiguously identify the File to which it refers.


Use identifier() on a File object, or mutableCopy() on a FileIdentifier object.


function mutableCopy()

Returns a mutable copy of this FileIdentifier.

Interface (read only properties)

property digest

The digest of the file, as a hex encoded String.

property fileSize

The size of the file, in bytes, as a number.

Interface (mutable properties)

If a FileIdentifier is created using the identifier() function of a File object, or a mutable copy made with mutableCopy(), the following properties are read/write.

property mimeType

The MIME type of the file. This does not have to match the mimeType property of the underlying File.

property filename

The filename of the file. This does not have to match the filename property of the underlying File.

property trackingId

A randomly generated String for tracking versions within a ‘file version track’. Used for generating the version listings in the web user interface.

property version

The version of this version within a ‘file version track’, as a String.

property logMessage

A String containing the user’s description of the changes made in this version within a ‘file version track’.

function identifier()

Returns itself. Implemented so that you can call identifier() on both FileIdentifier and File objects.