AuditEntry interface

A JavaScript object implementing the AuditEntry interface represents an audit trail entry.


Use O.audit.write() to write to the audit trail.

Passed to the hAuditEntryOptionalWrite hook.


property auditEntryType

A String representing the type of audit entry.

property ref

The Ref of the store object this audit entries is about, or null if it is not about an object.

property data

A JSON compatible data structure giving additional details about the entry.

property creationDate

The Date when the entry was written.

property remoteAddress

A String representing the remote address of the request, or null if the entry was not written in response to a request.

property userId

The user ID of the user who made the request which prompted this entry.

Use O.user() to retrieve user information.

property authenticatedUserId

Similar to userId, but the user ID of the user who authenticated. If a user uses the impersonation feature, userId will be set to the impersonated user, and authenticatedUserId to the original user who logged in.

Audit Entry Types

Audit entries created by plugins may have any type, prefixed by the plugin name. The types used by plugins cannot be predicted.

System generated audit entries typically have one of the following types:

Type Description
CONFIG A change was made to the system configuration
CREATE A new object store item has been created
DELETE An object has been deleted
DISPLAY An object has been displayed (only recorded if enabled in system management)
EXPORT Search results have been exported
FILE-DOWNLOAD A file has been downloaded (only recorded if enabled in system management)
FILE-NEW A new file has been created
GROUP-DISABLE A group has been disabled
GROUP-ENABLE A group has been re-enabled
GROUP-MEMBERSHIP A user or group has been added or removed from a group
GROUP-MODIFY A group’s properties have been changed
GROUP-NEW A new group has been created
NEW-APPLICATION One audit entry of this type is created during initial server setup
NOTE An administrative note added to the audit trail
PERMISSION-CHANGE A user or group’s permissions have changed
PLUGIN-INSTALL A new plugin has been installed
PLUGIN-UNINSTALL A plugin has been uninstalled
SEARCH An object-store search has been performed through the UI (only recorded if enabled in system management)
UPDATE An object has been edited
USER-AUTH-FAIL A login attempt failed
USER-BLOCK A user account has been blocked
USER-CHANGE-PASS A user account password has been changed
USER-DELETE A user was deleted
USER-ENABLE A user account has been re-enabled
USER-IMPERSONATE An impersonation session was started
USER-LOGIN A login attempt succeeded
USER-LOGOUT A user logged out (Note session timeouts are not recorded)
USER-MODIFY A user account has been edited
USER-NEW A new user has been created
USER-SET-PASS A user account password was reset (by clicking ‘Forgotten your password?’)