StoreQueryResults interface

A JavaScript object implementing the StoreQuery interface represents the result of an object store query, and acts as an array of StoreObject objects.


Call execute() on a StoreQuery object.


acts as Array

The query results behave as a read-only JavaScript Array. You can use the [] operator to retrieve a StoreObject at the given index in the results.

property length

Number of results.

function each(iterator)

Calls iterator, once for each object. Arguments are (object, index), where object is a StoreObject and index is the index of the object in the results.

Return true from the iterator function to stop the iteration immediately.

function ensureRangeLoaded(startIndex, endIndex)

If this is a sparse result set, requested by calling setSparseResults(true) on the query object, use this function to load a range of objects.

This is more efficient than just loading each object individually by accessing the array.