FileTransformResult interface

A JavaScript object implementing the FileTransformResult interface is passed to the callback functions registered to handle completion of file transform pipelines.


FileTransformResult objects are constructed by the platform on completion of file transform pipelines.


property data

Arbitrary JSON compatible data structure, passed to O.fileTransformPipeline(). Use this to identify why the pipeline was executed in your callbacks.

function file(name, filename)

Permanently store a pipeline result in the file store, and return a File object representing it.

name is the name of the file in the pipeline’s file list, usually "output".

filename is the user visible name of the file which will be used by default when downloading the file at a later date. Remember to include an extension.

If the filename has no extension, or the wrong extension, an appropriate file extension will be added.

property name

Name of the pipeline, as passed to O.fileTransformPipeline() and registered with the callback functions.

property success

Boolean value, indicating successful completion of the pipeline.

property errorMessage

A human readable string indicating the error, used for debugging. It should not be presented to the user in your UI.

property information

A JSON compatible data structure which contains information from the file transform pipeline steps.