The set-attribute-group Instruction copies all values from the source object to an attribute group in Name on a Destination.

action "set-attribute-group"
source The name of the pseudo-destination for this attribute group.
destination The Destination to store the value in.
name The Name within the Destination to store the value in.

Attribute groups are composed of multiple values which together describe a single concept, for example, a file and what level of access is required within the system to access it. These are assembled in a pseudo-destination using the field and set-value Instructions, then this Instruction combines the values together into an attribute group and appends that to the destination object.

After this Instruction is executed, all the values in the pseudo-destination are cleared.


    "action": "set-attribute-group",
    "source": "example-destination:attribute-group:example-value",
    "destination": "example-destination",
    "name": "example:attribute:example-value"