The field-structured Instruction copies a structured value to a Name in a Destination.

action "field-structured"
structured The name of the pseudo-destination for this structure value type.
destination The Destination to store the value in.
name The Name within the Destination to store the value in.
multivalue (Optional) If true, then the value is added to a multi-value name instead of replacing any existing value.

Structured values are composed of multiple values, for example, the various fields in an address or a person’s name. These are assembled in an pseudo-destination using the field and set-value Instructions, then this Instruction converts it to the structured data type. See Structured values for full details.

After this Instruction is executed, all the values in the pseudo-destination are cleared.


    "action": "field-structured",
    "structured": "value:person-name",
    "destination": "profile",
    "name": "dc:attribute:title"