Labelling user interface

Users of your application do not need to think about labels in their day-to-day use of the system. Their main interaction with labels is through the object editor.

Object editor

Applicable labels

The user applies labels to objects using the normal object editor. If the user has Create permission for more than one Applicable label for that Type, a set of checkboxes to choose will be displayed in the right hand column of the page.

If there is only one possible Applicable label, then no UI is shown. In a typical application, this could be the case for most types for users without special permissions.

Explicit label choice

If the Type of object being created has the “Force explicit choice of label when creating new object” behaviour, then when a new object is created, the user will be asked to select which Applicable label they wish to apply before they see the object editor.

If the labels have notes, they will be displayed on this screen.

This forces users to make a conscious decision about which label to apply. This is useful when asking users to choose if material is confidential or not, where applying the wrong label could be problematic.

Base labels

Base labels are not shown in the editor user interface, because the user has no choice in whether they’re applied.


Plugins can add to the user interface on the object editor. The easiest UI for them to add is checkboxes which allow the user to apply additional labels.

New objects

When creating new objects, the user will only be offered the types for which it’s possible to apply a set of labels which match their Create permission label set.

A user can create objects if:

  • the user does not have any of the base labels in the deny set for their Create permission label set
  • and
    • the type has no applicable labels, and the user has at least one of base labels in their allow Create permission label set
    • or the type has applicable labels, and the user is allowed to label an object with at least one of them.

If plugins are taking over the entire labelling process, they can override these rules.

Object pages

When an object is being displayed, the applied labels are discreetly shown at very bottom of the page.