TransitionUI interface

Objects implementing the TransitionUI interface are used to control the transition user interface by the transitionUI() handler.


property backLinkText

The standard backLinkText property for the back button. Set to change the label.

property M

The workflow Instance.

property requestedTransition

The name of the transition requested by the user. (read only)

function preventTransition()

Call to prevent this transition taking place.

function redirect(url)

After the transition is complete, redirect the user to url.

It may be easier to use the transitionUIPostTransitionRedirectForActionableUser handler which selects on the post-transition state.

function addFormDeferred(position, deferred)

Add some additional user interface to the transition confirmation form.

position is either "top", "bottom", or "aboveConfirm".

deferred is a deferred render returned from deferredRender().