Panels are a standardised way of displaying information and links as part of your plugin UI.

Each panel is composed of panel elements which build up the UI.

While you can use these templates directly, the O.ui.panel() builder and the Action Panel standard plugin standard plugin are often more convenient ways to use them, especially when the UI is composed from functionality provided by multiple cooperating plugins.

There are several different styles of panel, each of which take a common view but ignore properties which are not relevant. std:ui:panel is the default style, intended for use in the sidebar.

These view render a single panel. Using O.ui.panel() or the Action Panel standard plugin allows you to display more than one panel at once.

Top level view

key elements

An array of panel element views. See below for properties.

key title

Where supported by the template, a title to be displayed above the panel.

key highlight

Where supported by the template, this property specifies an additional level of highlighting for this panel. Values are:

"primary" Primary importance
"secondary" Secondary importance

Panel element views

The default style, std:ui:panel, supports the vast majority of these properties, but the alternative styles will only support a few. All properties are optional.

key label

The main text for the panel element.

key href

The link for the panel element.

key indicator

An indicator to draw the user’s attention to this panel element. Values are:

"standard" Non-specific indicator
"primary" Primary, or usual, next action
"secondary" Secondary action, less likely to be taken
"terminal" An action will which terminate a process
"primary-forward" Primary, moving process forward
"secondary-forward" Secondary, moving process forward
"primary-back" Primary, moving process back
"secondary-back" Secondary, moving process back
"forward" Move process forward
"back" Move process back

key title

A title for this panel element.

key heading

A heading element. Don’t include a label if you’re using this property.

key disabled

true to show a disabled panel element.

key light

true to style the panel element less prominently.

key innerLink

An additional link, as an object containing href and label properties.

key innerText

Additional explanatory text.

key value

A value of a statistic.

key icon

An icon description of the icon to display on this panel element.

Additional panel styles