Constructs a object implementing the PanelBuilder interface

function O.ui.panel(options)

Construct an empty PanelBuilder with the given options.

options is an optional dictionary of options.


All options properties are optional.

key style

The style of panel to render, named after the std:ui:panel standard templates.

"links" Simple list of links
"menu" A menu of loosely related entries
"tiles" Large tiles for top level navigation
"statistics" Overview statistics

If the style is not specified, the standard std:ui:panel style is used.

key priorityDecode

Each of the builder functions takes a priority used for sorting the panel elements. This optional function returns a numeric priority given whatever is passed to the builder function.

If it isn’t specified, the default decoder returns number unchanged, and converts the following names to numeric priorities.

Name Priority
"top" 10
"default" 100
"action" 200
"bottom" 1000

key defaultHighlight

The default highlight value for panels. See highlight for the supported values.