The Keychain stores account information and secrets such as passwords, used to configure the platform and plugins. Plugins have access to the keychain for their own purposes, and to discover configured services.

The "pKeychainRead" privilege is required to use the keychain.

Administrators configure keychain credentials in the System Management user interface.

function O.keychain.credential(id)

Load a KeychainCredential given a numeric ID.

function O.keychain.credential(name)

Load a KeychainCredential given a credential name as a String.

function O.keychain.query(kind)

Returns an array of JavaScript objects with properties describing the available keychain credentials. If kind is specified, only credentials with the given kind property are included in the array.

The properties are:

"id" The ID of the credential
"kind" The kind of credential
"name" The name of the credential

To get the full credential information, use O.keychain.credential() passing in the credential ID.