This template renders a generic notice, with an optional dismiss link and ‘X’ icon.

Use one of the message or html properties to specify your message.

Obtain a Template object with P.template("std:ui:notice"), or use the template:std:ui:notice() template function.

There is also a std:ui:notice() template function, which can be more convenient.


key message

Optional. The message, rendered using the std:text:paragraph() template function.

key html

Optional. If the message property does not render the text adequately for your purposes, for example, you’d like to include links in your text, you can use this to render arbitrary HTML inside the notice.

You should enclose your text in <p> tags.

key dismissLink

Optional. If provided, this will be used as the href for links to dismiss the notice, and an ‘X’ icon will be displayed.

key dismissText

Optional. Used as the text for an additional link at the bottom of the notice. If this is used, also include dismissLink.