Templates need to include fixed contents, whether that’s tag properties or user visible text.

HSVT is slightly unusual in that it

  • requires literal values to be explicitly marked as literal text
  • ignores all whitespace and reformats your HTML strictly.

The intention is to make common cases easy, where you are inserting values from the view, and avoid any problems with HTML’s whitespace sensitivity giving you a choice between neat templates or annoying rendering.

Within HTML tags, literal string quoting is very natural as they’re quoted anyway. But you have to remember enclose document text in quotes.

For example,

<div class="container"> "This is a \"message\"." </div>

will be rendered as

<div class="container">This is a "message".</div>

Note that:

  • Quotes within the string must be escaped as \"
  • Whitespace outside literals is ignored.

Newlines are supported in literals, either as \n or as actual newlines. For example:

<div> "This is a\nmulti-line
literal string"

will be rendered as

<div>This is a
literal string</div>