Text template functions


This template function renders paragraph plain text. The string is split on newlines, and each paragraph is HTML escaped and enclosed in a <p> tag.


This template function renders XML document text as simple HTML, without widgets.


This template function renders XML document text as HTML including widgets, requiring display within a standard layout to render properly.

std:text:list:readable(list style)

Renders a list of values as text, using the same method as std:text:object-value(), in a nicely human readable manner.

style must be "en:default" to render it in a default list style for the English language.


Renders any JavaScript value, or a data object that can be stored as an attribute in a StoreObject, as a simple text value.

In particular, if the value is a StoreObject or a Ref, the title of the object is rendered if the current user has permission to read it. This is particularly useful in cutting down the amount of code in a controller, because there is no need to conditionally load the object.


Given a view with researcher and supervisor properties, each of which are a Ref and the supervisor is optional, this template renders a table.

    <th> "Researcher" </th>
    <td> std:text:object-value(researcher) </td>
  if(supervisor) {
      <th> "Supervisor" </th>
      <td> std:text:object-value(supervisor) </td>

The code to generate the view is simple, as it does not need to load the objects to find their titles.

let object = O.ref(...).load();
let view = {
    researcher: object.first(A.Researcher),
    supervisor: object.first(A.Supervisor) // might be null