Called every day, about midnight.

You should not rely on this hook being called only once each day, or that it’ll be called at any specific time.

To perform a task on a specific date, or only on some days of the week, test the year, month, dayOfMonth, and dayOfWeek arguments before performing the task.


Name Type Description
year number Year, four digits
month number Month, 0 – 11
dayOfMonth number Day of the month, 1 – 31
hour number Hour of the day, 0 – 23
dayOfWeek number Day of the week, 0 (Sunday) – 6 (Saturday)


No data is returned in the response object.

JavaScript template

P.hook('hScheduleDailyMidnight', function(response, year, month, dayOfMonth, hour, dayOfWeek) {
    // Respond to hook