This hook allows plugins to lift restrictions on individual objects on a per-object per-user basis.

For efficiency, this does not affect searches. Adding a per-object rule does not allow a user to search by attributes that are restricted.

P.hook("hObjectAttributeRestrictionLabelsForUser", function(response, user, object, container) {
    if(isAuthorOf(user, object)) {


Name Type Description
user SecurityPrincipal SecurityPrincipal being queried
object StoreObject Object being queries
container StoreObject Container object, which may be the object itself


Return information by changing these properties of the response object.

Name Type Description
userLabelsForObject LabelChanges Per-object labels enabling the user to view or edit restricted attributes, specified as changes from the empty label list.

JavaScript template

P.hook('hObjectAttributeRestrictionLabelsForUser', function(response, user, object, container) {
    // Respond to hook, for example
    // response.userLabelsForObject = ...