This hook allows a plugin to observe or alter an object which has been edited by the user, and redirect them to an alternative page after the edit operation.

The replacementObject must be created using mutableCopy() of the given object.

hPostObjectEdit is called before hLabelObject or hLabelUpdatedObject.


Name Type Description
object StoreObject The object being edited
previous StoreObject The previous version of the object, or null


Return information by changing these properties of the response object.

Name Type Description
replacementObject StoreObject An object to store in place of the edited object, or null for no effect
redirectPath String If set, the user will be redirected to this path instead of the newly edited object
continueEditingWithMessage String Set to a string to prevent the object being saved, and present it for editing again with the given message displayed prominently.

JavaScript template

P.hook('hPostObjectEdit', function(response, object, previous) {
    // Respond to hook, for example
    // response.replacementObject = ...