std:convert transform step

This file transform step converts a file to a different file format.

It is not possible to convert between all formats, but most useful conversions are supported. You’re always pretty safe converting to PDF with the application/pdf MIME type.

You can safely use the std:convert step to ensure a file is in the right format. If a file is already in the requested format, and no options are specified, then the input file will be renamed to the output without any conversion taking place.

If additional platform components are installed, additional conversions may be available.

Transform specification

property input

Name of the input file. Optional, defaults to "input".

property output

Name of the output file. Optional, defaults to "output".

property mimeType

MIME type of the output format, required.

property options

Optional additional options for the transform, with properties:

width Width of output, in pixels
height Height of output, in pixels
quality Qualify of output (JPEG), from 0 to 100
page Page number, when output format does not support multiple pages