std:generate:formatted_text transform step

This file transform step generates a formatted text document, and can output to word processing files or PDFs.

NOTE: This transform is implemented by an optional platform component, and may not be available in your installation.

Transform specification

property output

Name of the output file. Optional, defaults to "output".

property mimeType

MIME type of the output file, defaults to application/pdf.

property html

The document text, as HTML. Only simple HTML is supported.

property css

Optional style information for the HTML document as a CSS document. Only simple CSS is supported.

property excludeDefaultCSS

If set to true, the default document styles will be omitted. The default style sheet styles the basic HTML elements and forms.

property marginTop, marginRight, marginBottom, marginLeft

Margins of the page, in points. Defaults to 96.

property paperSize

Size of the paper, as a string. Defaults to "A4".

Supported paper sizes are "A3", "A4", "A5", "B4", "B5", "Legal" and "Letter".

property landscape

true if the paper should have landscape orientation.