std:concatenate transform step

This transform step concatenates one or more files into a single output file.

If the output MIME type is application/pdf, then most files can be concatenated. If it’s a word processing file, then the input files must all be word processing files.

NOTE: This transform is implemented by an optional platform component, and may not be available in your installation.

Transform specification

property files

Array of names of the input files.

property output

Name of the output file. Optional, defaults to "output".

property mimeType

MIME type of the output file, defaults to application/pdf.

property fallbackHTML

HTML used to generate a ‘fallback’ document when a file cannot be concatenated to the document, for any reason.

The string $FILENAME will be replaced by the filename of the file.

property excludeDefaultCSS

If true, exclude the default CSS stylesheet when generating the fallback document.