The std:workflow:documents source adds the data stored in forms within the workflows associated with the object, which are implemented using the standard Document store plugin’s workflow integration.

It depends on the std:workflow source, which must also be included, and adds additional information to each of the work unit records in the workflows top level array.

Additional properties

The following properties are added to work unit records.

property documents

A dictionary of document store name to latest version of the document.

The fields in the document are defined by the form specifications which make up the document store.


A serialised object with a single workflow which contains two document store forms.

  "kind": "haplo:object:0",
  "sources": [
  "ref": "83w92",
  // ...
  "workflows": [
      "workType": "example:book-review",
      "createdAt": "2020-01-14T17:05:18.341Z",
      "openedAt": "2020-01-14T17:05:18Z",
      "deadline": null,
      "closed": true,
      "data": {},
      "tags": {},
      "state": "finished",
      "url": "",
      "documents": {
        "researcher": {
          "comment": "This is ...",
          // ...
        "supervisor": {
          "recommendation": "Something ...",
          // ...